Feature Articles

Feature articles on MB patients

‘I have my life back’: Kathy Hoseth battled inexplicable chest pains much of her life—until she finally found the cardiothoracic surgeon who could remedy her condition.
Corewell Health
-Like many people Kathy got the MB diagnosis after many years of inexplicable chest pains

Unroofing surgery relieves debilitating symptoms of heart anomaly, study finds
Stanford Health
-It’s a good article to start understanding the problem of MBs and to show family and friends

Why does Kyle Watson keep running? If he stops, he’ll die
-Kyle had an MB despite participating in triathlons and marathons. He had unroofing surgery

Long heart journey encourages others to keep the faith
-Incredible story of a woman who passed out while abroad and suffered for years w MB

As one Philadelphia mother learned first-hand, many women with heart disease are told it’s just stress
-Patient was given anxiety meds for years until her 40s when the MB was discovered

Eight years out, Bobby Rhine’s FC Dallas legacy still burns brightly
-Pro MLS soccer player died of a heart attack due to an MB

She Waited a Decade for Diagnosis of Heart Disease
"Part of it is teaching women to describe it more and say it's my heart, it's not anxiety," she said. "The other part is for health professionals to recognize that women use other languages."

Open-heart surgery was the turning point for this nurse-turned-actress

University of Houston cheerleader with life-changing diagnosis hopes to inspire others
-Cheerleader was diagnosed with MB during college and had surgery

Jason Clark recuperating after major surgery
-A Southern gospel singer had surgery for MB

Sisters, 28 and 30, suffer heart episodes within a year of each other due to different types of undiagnosed heart disease
-Two sisters in Louisiana both had heart episodes due to MB

Mario Cipollini battling heart conditions, recovering from surgery
-World champion sprinter cyclist Mario Cipollini from Italy suffered from MB

Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi Doctors Split Myocardial Bridge Using Keyhole Surgery
-Unroofing using robotic-assisted technology in Abu Dhabi, UAE by Dr. Johannes Bonatti

Abu Dhabi surgeons complete Middle East’s first robotic surgery for rare heart condition

Understanding a woman’s heart means knowing what to look for
-From Stanford, story of a mom diagnosed with MB in her 40s

Treating an overlooked heart condition
-Great story from Stanford of a 19-year old diagnosed with MB after years of heart issues

Patient hopes to solve “puzzle” of his heart condition
-After year of anxiety and nearly blacking out, MB was discovered.

Coroner rules Harry Morton’s death was due to “cardiac arrythmia”
-“A secondary cause of death is listed as ‘myocardial bridging with coronary artery atherosclerosis.’” MBs cause arrythmia.

Kristoff St. John died of heart disease
-“The coroner’s office said St. John’s significant conditions included ‘myocardial bridging of left anterior descending coronary artery.’”  

Fire Chief Suffers Sudden Cardiac Death After Physical Fitness Training – Washington
-2011 report on a fire chief who died after responding to calls. Cause of death was listed as CAD and MB.

Captain Suffers Sudden Cardiac Death During Physical Fitness Evaluation - Alabama

Fighting for breath: Former NFL player turns to Pulse Heart Institute to solve a decades-long medical puzzle

Iron Heart Foundation: Barry Weiss